Cut and Polish in One Step

Introducing a Better Way

Applied Light offers a laser based quartz tube cutting and polishing machine. The equipment is easy to use and produces cut and polished parts at a rate of approximately ten seconds per cut. (Tube diameter does change the cut rate.) The basic machine will cut tube diameters from 14mm to 60mm, all without programming changes.

Our goal is to make equipment that is easy to use and intuitive. Your operator sets the tube length fence, selects a diameter, puts stock material into the machine, and starts it. The included full length linear electronic scale with readout makes setup fast and accurate.

Machines presently in the field are processing both Ti filled and unfilled quartz product. The machines allow a single operator to accurately make high quality cut and polished pieces much faster than with traditional methods.

This is a Class IV laser product. (Class IV indicates that unprotected exposure to a laser beam could occur). We have carefully designed the cutting zone to absolutely minimize exposure to the laser beam itself. The machine features a special housing to direct the intense beam through a gas nozzle onto the quartz tubes. This housing occludes the beam from people while cutting and fire polishing your tubes.



Exhaust ports are designed to remove debris
0.5mm to 1.0mm wall thickness typical
Tube variations will result in occasional nearly-thru cuts

Nearly-Thru Cutting

Snap the part when completed
Keep all debris from inside
Prevents the inner lip from rounding

Scoring only (not typical)


A Range of Different diameters

14mm - 60mm
Smaller tubing size version available
Machine detects diameter

Different lengths

Typical factory tube lengths 1650mm - 1725mm
Square and polish ends of full length tubes
Harvest short tubes easily from factory lengths

Adaptable to part variations

Out of round tubes are tracked with the floating focus head
Tubes not straight
Tube diameter not constant
Minor Tube -to- Tube differences


Hardware Delivered

Class IV workstation set up by Applied Light
100watt CO2 laser
Chiller for the laser
All motors and optics
Maintenance supplies


Each machine is made to order and requires approximately 12 weeks.


Your equipment is installed by Applied Light, set up and operated in your facility, and then your personnel are trained for up to two days.
Electrical Service for Single Point Electrical hookup
Four (4) inch Connection for venting
Quick disconnect for facility compressed air