Quartz Cutter Details

General Description

Quartz tubes are placed on a motorized bed which rotates them. Once the cutting cycle is started, the Quartz Cutter laser system positions a laser beam over each tube in sequence and cuts the tube automatically. The system senses each tube, skips missing tubes and compensates for variances in tube diameters

Each tube is measured as the laser head is automatically fed down onto any tube. This process checks that a tube is present, and determines if the tube diameter is an expected value.

Larger tubes can fit only six (6) across, but 15mm and 19mm diameter tubes will fit twelve (12) across.

Screens and routines to improve Machine Maintenance

Capture state of all switches
Motion limits
Laser cooling water flow
Manual control of axes
Jogging of X axis and Z axis via remote
Setup cycles with built in motion for assisting beam alignment when needed
Process information
Laser beam power (auto routine called by maintenance)
Laser power supply current (monitored at all times)
These data are viewable on the PLC Color Screen